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Tomato Bourbon Soup with Grilled Cheese Crouton

Mix It Yourself


2 28 oz Cans of Diced Tomatoes with Juice
2 Cups of Chicken Stock (or Veggie)
½ Cup Bourbon
1 Medium Onion Chopped
1 Tbsp Dried Oregano
3 Small/ Medium Garlic Cloves
Dash Crushed Red Pepper
3 Slices American Cheese
2 tbsp Greek Yogurt
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
Pinch of Sugar
1 Loaf Sourdough Bread
3 Slices Swiss Cheese
5 Slices of Cheddar Cheese
1 Stick of Butter

Bourbon Tomato Soup:

Take a medium stock/saucepan and put on medium-high heat. Add olive oil and crushed red pepper to a pan. Then add chopped onions and cook for 2-3 minutes until translucent.

Add ¼ cup of bourbon to the pan and stir.
Add stock, garlic, and the rest of the bourbon, and tomatoes to the pan and bring it to a simmer for 10 minutes. Add the American cheese and stir.

While the soup continues to simmer, add 2 TB of Greek yogurt to a bowl and 2 TB of the soup and mix. Add the tempered yogurt to the soup.

Take a small strainer or sieve and pour the soup through it into another pan or bowl. Use a ladle to push the soup through the strainer. Scrape the pulp from the strainer and save in bowl.
Once all the soup is strained, add ½ the pulp back in or to desired consistency. Add a pinch of sugar for balance. Taste. Add more salt, pepper, crushed red pepper if needed.

After soup has been simmering for about 20-25 minutes then ladle into bowls or shot glasses and top grilled cheese crouton.

Grilled Cheese:

Butter 1 side of 4 slices of bread. Add cheeses on the bread butter side out.
Heat non-stick skillet to medium/low heat. Add olive oil.
After 2 minutes and a hot pan add the sandwich. Do not press just yet. Let bread toast and cheese slowly melt. After 4 minutes flip to the other side for another 4 minutes. Cut grilled cheese in 8ths.