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Posted: March 6, 2020

Fool's Spring

You know we haven't seen the last of winter. Embrace it.

From that first hopeful glimmer of warmth and light that teases us with the hope of spring, Fool's Spring, to our inevitable April 'surprise' snowstorm, we have a recipe for each of our uniquely Maine 'micro-seasons'. It's a rough transition from winter to spring, so make the best of it!

Fool's Spring

Silly you... we still have three more months of winter but celebrate this glimpse into sunshine!

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Second Winter

It is ok. Be cool. We just have a little more winter to go.

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Spring of Deception

Spring has sprung.... or HAS it?!?

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Third Winter

I just can't take this anymore! <mutters while looking for property in Florida>

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Maine Mudslide

Mud season the delicious way.

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Actual Spring

We did it! We made it! Spring has sprung!

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