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Posted: September 16, 2021

Brand New Season, Brand New Spirits!


We asked the experts --  here are some of their top picks for new autumn spirits. Try something new this month, we’re sure it'll be worth your while!


750ML 80 Proof
If you’re always on the hunt for that perfect balance of salty and sweet, then your search ends here. Bird Dog Salted Caramel Flavored Whiskey has signature caramel notes, complemented by subtle hints of sea salt keeping the sweetness at bay and highlighting vanilla and oak undertones.
$ 17.99


750ML 82 Proof
This tequila joven is a truly unique masterpiece. Crafted using mature blue agave weber from a single state ranch in the high lands of jalisco. They blend their blanco which was cooked in autoclave, small batch fermented and twice distilled in ancient full cooper pots. Afterwards they blend it with their 3-4 year old extra añejo aged in ex bourbon barrels. The result is a velvet rich tequila, beautifully balanced.
$ 69.99


1.75L 40 Proof
The Gin Lemonade, sometimes referred to as the “London Lemonade,” is a tart and tasty cocktail that can be enjoyed all year round. This version of this beloved cocktail combines lemon juice and simple syrup with their small-batch gin produced in-house, which adds a fruity and floral character and brings layers of depth to this refreshing cocktail.
$ 24.99


750ML 74 Proof
The Manhattan, which first appeared in print in O.H Byron's 'The Modern Bartenders Guide' in 1884, is a true classic. Like any classic, you respect what makes it great. That's why High West uses the time-tested Manhattan recipe featuring sweet vermouth, a dash of aromatic bitters, and their bourbon and rye whiskeys. What isn't a classic, but adds depth and complexity, is barrel aging. For that reason, they let their Manhattan age in used rye barrels to fully marry the flavors. Worth the wait, we hope you enjoy this most intricate rendition of a true classic.
$ 45.99


750ML 92 Proof
Bourbon has become “The American Spirit” in a way that cognac represents France, gin represents England and vodka represents Russia in the hearts of their consumers. Mad River offers their own special Vermont take on the liquid gold so associated with Appalachia. They use only regionally-sourced, non-GMO grains and mature their bourbons on site in the clear, clean air of Vermont.
$ 46.99


750ML 90 Proof
The journey to Ming River begins in the heart of Sichuan, China in the lush port city where China’s longest continuously operating distillery makes its legendary liquor. Over the past 700 years, traditional baijiu techniques there have passed from master to apprentice for over 20 generations. A balanced and complex spirit, Ming River is the original Sichuan baijiu. Each batch starts with locally harvested red sorghum grain and the purest waters from protected wells. It is fermented in earthen pits with naturally harvested yeast cultures native to Luzhou that impart the distinctive terroir of Sichuan style baijiu. After two months, the mash is unearthed and distilled in small batches using a traditional Chinese pot still. The spirits age for up to two years before the master blender balances them into Ming River’s distinctive flavor. The result is an uncompromisingly bold spirit with notes of pineapple and anise with a lingering finish. Perfect neat alongside spicy cuisine or in a cocktail, this baijiu evokes Sichuan with each sip.
$ 34.99


750ML 75 Proof
Aniseed or saunf as it’s known in India, was first discovered in the Mediterranean. Every sip of the Smoke Aniseed makes for a playful exploration of a much-loved Indian herb. Refreshing notes of fennel and liquorice will keep you coming back for more.
$ 19.99


750ML 80 Proof
The Smoke Vodka Classic is an ultra pure spirit, with a whole lot of intrigue. Enjoy it chilled as is or in your favourite vodka cocktail.
$ 19.99


750ML 86 Proof
Pale gold color. Aromas of fresh grain, banana bread with raisins, toasted walnuts, and honey-drizzled pears with a supple, crisp, dryish light-to-medium body and a smooth, interesting, medium-long melon, smoked peppercorns, pimiento, marinated mushrooms, and banana nougat finish. A shape-shifting Whisky that offers a charming and delicate nose followed by a swift and assertive rush of piquant flavor on the palate.
$ 69.99

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