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St. Elder Elderflower Cupcakes

Make It Yourself

Spirit Ingredients:

1 box Cake Mix
6 TBSP St. Elder
1 Cup Unsalted Butter, softened
5 Cups Confectioners Sugar
1/8 tsp Salt
5 TBSP St. Elder
2 to 4 tbsp Cream

Food Ingredients and Preparation

Makes 24 cupcakes.


1. Adjust the box recipe by replacing 4 Tbls. of the water with St. Elder Elderflower Liqueur.  Add in the remaining water, eggs and oil.
2. Finish preparing your mixture and bake as instructed on the box.
3. Cool the cupcakes completely. Place the remaining 2 Tbls. of St. Elder into a cup and brush the tops of each cupcake with the liqueur.
4. Repeat with a second brushing of St. Elder.
5. Give the cupcakes a few minutes to absorb the liqueur and then frost.


1. Cream butter, add sugar gradually. 
2. Add salt, St. Elder and 2 Tbls. of cream, beat until smooth. 
3. Add additional cream if desired.

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