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Baileys Cake Pop Bouquets Cake Pops

Make It Yourself

Spirit Ingredients:

2 oz
Baileys Irish Cream

Food Ingredients and Preparation

3 Cups crumbly cake
2 oz Baileys
1/3 Cup butter
2/3 Cup icing sugar
1.25 Cups white chocolate, melted

Crumble the cake until it resembles breadcrumbs. Pour over the Baileys and leave to soak
Make buttercream by beating butter with icing sugar until light and fluffy
Stir buttercream through cake crumbs and roll into balls
Thrust a lollypop stick into each ball and set in the fridge for at least an hour
Dip each pop into the melted chocolate and top with sprinkles. Set aside to dry and enjoy


If you choose to drink alcohol, Maine Spirits asks that you drink responsibly.

If you think you have a drinking problem, you should seek professional help.

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