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Posted: February 22, 2022

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750ML 90 Proof
Crafted for the explorers, this is a classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey born from the limestone waters that make Kentucky the heart and soul of bourbon whiskey. Rustic River is a higher rye bourbon whiskey with added spice and complexity for the adventurous. Distilled, aged, and bottled in the historic DSP-KY-10 the 10th oldest distillery in Kentucky.
$ 26.99


750ML 70 Proof
Building on the 100-proof whiskey, this expression takes away some heat and adds a spicy cinnamon kick to the profile that has notes of baking spice and vanilla on the nose. Brown sugar, honey, and cinnamon enter on the palate and give way to a finish with a lingering heat, toasted oak, and dark chocolate notes.
$ 19.99


750ML 80 Proof
Introducing Jameson Orange. The smooth taste of triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey, perfectly balanced with notes of zesty Orange flavour.
$ 27.99 $4 Off


750ML 40 Proof
Produced from 100% wheat spirit and blended with the finest apples, carefully selected to ensure a consistently crisp and light flavor. Only superior natural flavors are used in the distllation.
$ 26.99


750ML 94 Proof
It is said that Guerrero is one of the cradles of agriculture in this continent, and this creates an unbeatable precedent for the agave that grows there. Elegant woods such as cedar, green pepper, cloves and tobacco. On the palate green flavors, persistence, pleasant smoked note and balanced alcohols.
$ 59.99


750ML 30 Proof
Jackson Morgan Peaches & Cream is a perfect blend of fruit, cream, and real Tennessee Whiskey for a taste that’s sweet and rich with a little boozy bite. It’s an all-star mixing champ, perfect for mixing into milkshakes, pouring over ice cream, baking into your favorite pies and breads, or simply sipping neat. 
$ 26.99


750ML 30 Proof
A premium cream liqueur made from “Vermont Ice” barrel aged ice cider, Vermont apple brandy, cinnamon, and cream. Smoother than most cream liqueurs with an exquisite apple cinnamon flavor, Vermont Ice Apple Cinnamon Crème is amazing on ice, in cocktails and with coffee.
$ 36.99


750ML 76 Proof
A fresh, modern approach to the spirit of Sweden. Characteristically earthy caraway, woodsy rosemary and sun-soaked lemon peel are highlighted with lighter-handed touches of fennel and Seville orange, resulting in a clean-tasting, versatile spirit. Try Ahus Akvavit instead of gin in a Negroni for a Swedish twist on an old favorite. Vodka your thing? Swap it out into a Moscow Mule, adding new levels of flavor to the easy refresher.
$ 33.99


375ML 80 Proof
Apple Brandy and Bitters with Natural Flavors It is generally accepted that the first published reference to the term “cock tail” was in 1806 in The Balance and Columbian Repository and was defined as a “stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters.” Today there are many theories as to when the “cock tail” was referred to as the “Old Fashioned.” Coincidently, in the mid-1800’s, Samuel Laird and his son Joseph Laird were the respective trainer and jockey of the most famous race mare of turf racing history—”Fashion”. In 1855 she became know as “Old Fashioned” when she foaled a filly to  be named “Young Fashion”.
$ 13.99


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