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gin tasting party
Posted: July 12, 2018

Throw a Gin Tasting Party

Gin can be citrusy, herbaceous, spicy and even floral. Do you have a favorite gin? Summer is a perfect time to invite some friends over for a gin tasting. 

Have you ever tried a variety of gins in order to find your preferred flavor profile?  A gin tasting is a fun, unique idea for a gathering and you may be surprised by what you learn.  

Step 1: Choose 3-4 different kinds of gin.  We recommend choosing a classic, something new and something from a local distiller so you can try a variety of flavor profiles. 

Step 2: Pair your gins with flavors and scents that enhance the flavor. Put bunches of aromatics like thyme and rosemary on the table, bowls of lemons and limes and offer tonic as a mixer. Add some complimentary bites to the table like Maine smoked salmon and oysters and you'll have a perfect party spread.

Step 3: Blind tasting or not? It might be fun to blindfold your friends and see what they think without knowing what's being poured. You can make it into a guessing game if you like. Or study each bottle and taste knowing what's what. Either way it will be fun!

Step 4: Write down what you like and dislike about each sample, and which pairings you preferred.

Maybe you'll discover that your new favorite garnish for a G&T is a sprig of rosemary instead of a lemon, or maybe you end up switching your go-to martini gin for something with more herbal notes. Whatever you think, your friends will think you are an entertaining genius for throwing such a creative party.


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