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Posted: April 26, 2022

Spring has Sprung!

New spirits are here & are sure to inspire your next cocktail.


750ML 34 Proof
It is a creamy liqueur, pleasantly  sweet and with a moderate alcohol content, characterized by  an intense aroma of Gianduia chocolate. This was created in Piedmont, in 1806, when the high  cost of cocoa inspired local pastry chefs to replace part of it with toasted  grounded nuts. This gave origin to an elegant and intense chocolate,  with a typical bouquet of cocoa and nuts. These hints are also present in Gianduia Bottega, a cream with a velvety sweetness which satisfies  even the most demanding palates. With a final touch of grappa,  Gianduia Bottega gains a particular aromaticity, making it unique and  unmistakable.
$ 26.99


750ML 60 Proof
Greece- Greek liqueur made from mastiha, the ancient superfood (renowned for gut health), that is a Protected Designation of Origin product, only from the island of Chios. Notes of cucumber, mint, tea, and citrus. A low calorie alternative to vodka or gin meets what VOGUE called ""the latest must-try cocktail ingredient""
$ 37.99


750ML 80 Proof
Saison Rum Pale is a blend of unaged rums selected from Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica, expertly blended then rested in mature French oak barrels. This last step gives a hint of roundness and unctuosity to this fresh, fruity and floral blend.
$ 18.99


750ML 80 Proof
Villa One Silver is a clear liquid with silver shades that is bottled immediately on production to deliver a nose of cooked agave with fruit aromas. It features a continuous bouquet of dried fruit and nuts that meanders into a caramelized agave and has a long, smooth finish.
$ 44.99


750ML 91 Proof
This beautiful amber-orange bourbon draws its drinker in with smoky aromas of oak and roasted hazelnut, which give way to fruity notes of crisp apple and ripe citrus. A vibrant and robust, richly-textured bottling, its caramel-honey core is accentuated by cloves, pepper, and a hint of tobacco on the palate. Its finish is sweet, with a lingering, warm spice.
$ 44.99


750ML 46 Proof
Yobo Soju Luxe is masterfully distilled to achieve the perfect balance between a floral, fragrant aroma, a complex, subtle flavor profile, a mellow sweet mouth feel, and an impossibly clean finish. Northern California grapes are harvested, pressed, fermented, and distilled to create a pure grape spirit base. This grape base is then blended with organic wheat spirit that has been meticulously fermented and distilled a minimum of five times to ensure ultimate clarity and the cleanest possible finish. They finally incorporate a subtle hint of their proprietary short grain Calrose rice spirit to ensure the perfect balance of fruit, florals, cream.
$ 32.99


750ML 82 Proof
Italian oranges combined with a selection of ripe Sicilian blood oranges are blended with the finest botanicals and handpicked juniper to create a succulent and vibrant flavour.
$ 29.99 $2 Off

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