Posted: September 4, 2018

Ease Into Fall with Tart Apple Cocktails

This September intersection of Summer and Autumn is confusing. It's still summer for a few more weeks but school has started and apple season is here. Ease into it with one of these appley but still summery cocktails. 

These easy cocktails pack lots of tart apple flavor, plus soda or citrus to bring some extra brightness, perfect for these hot days of early September!


1.5 oz Malibu Original
3 oz cloudy apple cider
Apple wedges

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Honey Apple Cucumber

2.5 Parts Jim Beam® Honey
2.5 Parts Apple Juice
3 Cucumber Slices

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Apple Tart

1.5 oz Gordon's Gin
0.5 tsp Cinnamon And Sugar
0.75 oz Apple Juice
Ginger Beer

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Crisp Apple Ade

1 Part Jim Beam Original
2 Parts Lemonade
1 Slice Green Apple or Lemon Wedge

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Jim Beam Apple & Soda

1 Part Jim Beam Apple
2 Parts Club Soda
1 Lemon Wedges

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Johnny Appleseed

1 Part Cranberry Juice
1 Part Dekuyper® Red Apple Schnapps
1 Part Jim Beam®

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Ciroc Apple On The Rocks

1.5 oz Cîroc Apple
Garnish Apple Slice

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