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coffee cocktails
Posted: October 1, 2018

Coffee Cocktails

The dark richness of coffee lends itself beautifully to pairing with many different kinds of spirits. 

Legend has it that the Irish Coffee was invented on a cold winter night when a 1940's Pan Am flight landed and passengers needed a welcoming warm up. The bartender served them coffee spiked with whiskey. When the passengers asked for the name of the drink he dubbed it "Irish Coffee". Its super simple recipe (coffee, whiskey, cream and sugar) was so delicious it became an instant classic and one of the most popular coffee cocktails still served at bars everywhere. But if your experience with coffee cocktails is limited to Irish Coffee, you're missing out!

Whether adding a dash of Kahlua or Allen's to your cocktail, a shot of whiskey or brandy to your coffee, or mixing up a real treat like an Espresso Martini, the pairing of coffee and spirits is magic. Give your home bar a wake up call by adding one of these great mixed coffee drinks to your repertoire.

Kahlua Espresso Martini

1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Belvedere vodka
1 oz freshly brewed espresso or strong black coffee

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Kentucky Coffee

1 Part Maker's Mark Bourbon
1 Part Irish Cream Liqueur
1 Splash Frangelico Liqueur
Hot Coffee

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Cafe Au ChocoLat

1 oz ChocoLat Liqeur
3 oz Coffee
Whipped Cream

Add ChocoLat to a mug of hot

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Allen's Coffee-Toffeetini

1 oz Allen's Coffee Brandy
2 oz Butterscotch Schnapps
2 oz Milk

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Farmers Tan

1.5 oz Barr Hill Vodka
0.5 oz Coffee Liqueur
Whole Milk to taste

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Frozen Mudslide

1.5 oz. Kahlúa
1.5 oz. Absolut vodka
1.5 oz. Irish cream liqueur
3 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

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Mocha Razz-Tini

2 Parts Pinnacle® Raspberry Vodka
1 Part DeKuyper® Crème de Cocoa White Liqueur

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