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Salted Caramel Chocolate Martini

Make It Yourself


3 oz
Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka
3 oz
Creme De Cacao Liqueur
2 oz
Half And Half
Caramel Sauce
Sea Salt
Chocolate Curls*


Serves: 2

1. Prepare martini glasses by dipping rim in caramel sauce and sprinkling sea salt on rims. Use salt judiciously and never use table salt!
2. Fill glasses with ice. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add chocolate liqueur, caramel vodka and half and half.
3. Shake vigorously until container is super cold to the touch; 20-30 shakes.
4. Strain martini mixture into prepared glasses and garnish with *milk chocolate curls.

*To make chocolate curls: Warm a chocolate bar in the microwave on medium power for 5 second increments until a vegetable peeler run across a long edge results in curls. Use a spoon to garnish; don't try to pick them up with your fingers or they may collapse.


If you choose to drink alcohol, Maine Spirits asks that you drink responsibly.

If you think you have a drinking problem, you should seek professional help.

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