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Netflix and Chilled - red couch
Posted: February 28, 2019

Netflix and Chill-ed Series - Comedy Fix

Hillarious shows to lose yourself in PLUS the perfect cocktail pairing for your couch session. 

Let’s Netflix and Chill-ed shall we?! If you are hibernating this winter or just looking for a new show to lose yourself in, we have some hilarious suggestions PLUS the perfect cocktail pairing for your couch session. Curl up, mix a cocktail, and be prepared to laugh until your ribs hurt with some of our favorite marathon-worthy streaming comedies!

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Set in the vibrant world of 50’s NYC, viciously quick ex-housewife Midge Maisel builds a new life as she discovers her natural talent as a stand-up comedian. Watch it for the costumes, the nuanced characters, or just the jokes, either way, you’ll have a hard time turning it off. As this show is both classic and fresh at the same time, enjoy this twist on the classic Negroni.

White Negroni

1.5 oz Barr Hill Gin
0.75 oz Dolin Blanc Vermouth
.75 oz Suze (French Bitters)
Garnish Lemon

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After spending her entire life in a cult, the sudden move to NYC is quite the eye-opener for 29-year-old Kimmy Schmidt. While this show seems like a silly, effervescent comedy at first, it’s surprisingly charming and human, and you’ll quickly fall in love with the increasingly quirky characters. Cute at first, but with a kick, this Buttered Rum Ice Cream Float is the perfect treat while you follow along with the adorable Kimmy Schmidt.

Buttered Rum Ice Cream Float

2 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 4 oz bottle root beer
1 oz dark rum

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Flight of the Conchords

Jermaine: There is only one kind of dance: the Robot.

Bret: And the Robo Boogie.

Jermaine: Oh, yes. Two kinds of dances.

If you’re a fan of quirky comedies but felt it was missing that “guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-folk” element missing in so many of today’s shows, Flight of the Conchords will finally fit that bill. We recommend this refreshing nod to their New Zealand heritage while you enjoy their oddly catchy tunes.

Milagro Silver Cucumber Kiwi Margarita

2 oz Milagro Silver Core Tequila
2 oz Agave Sour
4 Cucumber Slices
2 Kiwi Slice

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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld lets us all be a fly on the wall as he and world-class comedians hangout one-on-one as they offer hilarious and brilliant takes on the world around us. Pretend you’re there with them with this unique take on a whiskey iced coffee.

Minted Joe

2 Parts Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
0.5 Part Espresso
0.5 Part Mint Syrup

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